Unmatched Protection Since 1996, Boblbee has been committed to revolutionising personal protection on the road, catering to a diverse range of activities including motorcycling, bicycling, and alpine sports. Our devotion to this task has seen the Boblbee Backpack unsurpassed as the leader in spine protection for over 25 years and counting.

Our mission is to empower the spirit of adventure- and urban mobility by providing innovative, high-quality Backpack Systems that offer unparalleled spine- and gear protection as well as good value accessories and lifestyle products. 


Boblbee envisions a fearless world where the thrill of adventure meets the pinnacle of protection. We aim to redefine the boundaries of personal safety gear, merging cutting-edge technology with sleek, bold designs.

Our vision is to ignite the spirit of the adventurer in everyone, equipping them with gear that’s not just protective but makes a statement. We're on a mission to revolutionise the way people move, creating a future where risks are taken with confidence and every journey is an expression of individuality and resilience. Boblbee is more than a brand; it's a badge of freedom for the bold, the daring, and the unstoppable. 


At Boblbee, we are driven by a passion to create products that are much more than mere accessories; they are vital companions in every adventure. Our commitment extends beyond just crafting gear; we aim to enhance the journey of every individual who chooses Boblbee. Central to this mission are our three core values:

Design, Comfort, and Safety. These values are the pillars upon which our brand stands and are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our product development process.
Design is our art, Comfort is our promise, and Safety is our foundation. Together, they embody our dedication to creating exceptional products that not only protect but also inspire confidence and elevate the experience of our users. These values guide us in our quest to deliver excellence and define what it means to be a part of the Boblbee family. Let us take you through these core values that are at the heart of everything we do, reflecting our commitment to innovation, quality, and the well-being of our customers.

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