Warranty Information

Point 65 Sweden AB/Boblbee Limited Factory Warranty

The Warranty contained herein is the whole and exclusive warranty made by Point 65 Sweden AB and there are no other warranties expressed or implied, including a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or of merchantability made with respect to any product.

Point 65 Sweden AB is not liable for any injury mishap or loss incurred as the result of the use of this product. The user of this product acknowledges and assumes any risks associated with such use and waives any and all claims against Point 65 Sweden AB, its owners, staff, representatives, agents and assigns.

All products manufactured by Point 65 Sweden AB are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship according to the following conditions:

Warranty of Materials and Workmanship:

Products that prove defective within a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase, will be repaired or replaced, at the exclusive option of Point 65 Sweden AB, free of charge to the owner.

The warranty will be null and void if the product is used in a commercial application, has been structurally altered in any manner, or the product has been stressed beyond the normal physical limits of the materials.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, fading, abrasions or abnormal abuse of the product. Damage caused by extreme use is not covered by this warranty.

Point 65 Sweden AB reserves the right to modify its designs, specifications or products without notice and without incurring any obligations to modify, retrofit or incorporate such changes into any products in production, in the possession of retailers or in use by customers. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate any changes in design or specification.

Original sales receipt should be produced with warranty claims on all products as proof of purchase.

A Valid Warranty

The warranty applies exclusively to Point 65/Boblbee products purchased from an authorized Boblbee reseller.


Warranty Claim

If you experience difficulty with your Boblbee product under the scope of this warranty, always contact the place of purchase who is responsable for handling your warranty claim. If the purchase was made on boblbee.com email to warranty@boblbee.com, include the following details:

Warranty claims should contain the following:

  • Original sales receipt or boblbee.com order number (Pxxxx)
  • Detailed photos of the issue.
  • Photos of the entire item, front and back.
  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the problem.
  • Date of discovery of the problem.


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