Safety by Design - Boblbee


The groundbreaking, patented innovation of the hardshell concept was created for a single purpose, protection of the body and equipment while in motion with optimal comfort and weight distribution.
In fact, the stunning test results rank it as the best spine protector in the world — by far.

Our award-winning products are recognized not only by organizations and institutions around the world but more importantly by active people and professionals using Point 65 Packs in their everyday lives.


The Point 65 Boblbee 25L and 20L shells and harnesses have been designed to minimize impact forces being applied to the user’s back area and to transfer energy away from the central part of the back.

By distributing the force from a point of impact over as large an area as possible, the hard shell creates a shock absorption zone to meet any impact at a distance from the body.

The added energy-travel-time aids in reducing shock waves. With the superb average value of 3.4 kN (kilonewton), the Boblbee 25L GT & GTX packs passed its certification with flying colors!

Level 1 and 2 are the two officially recognized impact allowance limits, according to European Union norms, of which level 2 is the highest certification. We take special pride in being credited by TÜV* at the very highest level.


The Point 65 Boblbee packs not only protect your back — your gear and electronics are also safe. Laptops, tablets, cameras, and other valuables are safe in your Point 65 pack.

The packs can survive your worst wipeout, cycle crash and even withstand being driven over by a small car, making the chances of leaving your laptop intact much greater than with any other backpack.



    Point 65’s unique combination of materials and shapes create superior ergonomic characteristics. The backpacks offer action-balanced and stabilizing features for people on the move.

    The S-design with the Lumbar Support SystemTM separates the upper “load area” from the lower lumbar area, providing excellent weight distribution and reducing stress on your back. In combination with the Bucket seat Harness, it gives you the comfort of “a second skin”.


    * TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH., Germany.