Boblbee GTX 25L Tundra
Boblbee GTX 25L Tundra
Boblbee GTX 25L Tundra
Boblbee GTX 25L Tundra

Boblbee GTX 25L Tundra

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Shell Finish
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Inspired by Adventure

The crisp white shell with glossy or matte finish combined with the illuminating lime green accents is inspired by the subarctic tundra of Iceland. The stunning landscapes are otherworldly and riding here gives the sense of touring on another planet. The Boblbee backpack is the ultimate adventure riding backpack, providing unrivalled dorsal and gear protection.

Size cm 56×35×20
Size inches 22×13.7×7.8
Weight 1850g/4lbs
Volume 20-25 liters

Select between a White Solid with Glossy finish or a White Metallic with a matte finish.

  • Phone Pocket
  • Waist Belt
  • 2x Cargo Straps
  • Manual
  • 3M reflective stickers

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Boblbee 25L and 20L backpacks feature shells and harnesses specifically engineered to reduce the impact on the user’s back, effectively dispersing energy away from the spine.

These designs spread the force of any impact across a wider area, utilizing a hard shell to create an effective shock absorption zone that keeps the impact at a safe distance from the wearer's body. This mechanism not only lessens the force of impact but also extends the time energy travels, thereby minimizing shock waves.

The Boblbee 25L GTX notably achieved an exceptional certification score with an average impact resistance of 3.4 kN (kilo-newtons), marking one of the highest test outcomes ever recorded. In the realm of impact protection, Level 1 and Level 2 represent the officially recognized standards under European Union regulations, with Level 2 being the more stringent of the two.

It is with great pride that BOBLBEE is accredited by TÜV at the highest level, affirming our commitment to superior safety and quality.

High Impact ABS


The Boblbee backpack features an ABS shell crafted with a unique composition, subjected to 5,000 tons of pressure during its manufacturing process. This not only grants it exceptional toughness but also gives it flexibility, enabling it to effectively disperse impact energy.

For gear protection, the Boblbee backpack stands unparalleled.



Featuring over 25 attachment points, the BOBLBEE backpack is highly customisable, accommodating a diverse selection of accessories for any scenario. It provides enhanced cargo capacity, nets, pockets, covers, and more, enabling a bespoke carrying solution.

Furthermore, the BOBLBEE backpack boasts easy disassembly and assembly with standard hand-tools. Many of its parts are replaceable or customizable, offering unmatched durability and extending the backpack's lifespan.



The interior organiser is developed for the modern user and consist of:

• Large expandable 20-25L compartment for misc gear.
• Front phone pocket.
• 17'' laptop sleeve with protective divider and velcro straps.
• 2 document/tablet compartments.
• Large mesh pocket.
• Small mesh pocket.
• Zippered pocket.
• 4 standard card and pen sleeves.



The Boblbee backpacks have earned accolades for exceptional design and ergonomics, highlighted by two prestigious Red Dot Awards. Featuring a Lumbar Curve, these backpacks intelligently distribute weight to alleviate shoulder stress, while the adaptive back panel molds to the user's form, minimizing movement.

This design ensures the backpack integrates seamlessly with the wearer, becoming an extension of oneself.


Buckle Top Cover

Equipped with a bungee-closed, soft-top cover shielding contents from the elements. The GTX model line enhances protection with an extra foam top cover, secured by a buckle and ratchet, for extra protection and reduced vibrations at high speeds.

Foam Ventilated Back Panel

The back panel on the GTX are made out of a single press of memory foam, for ultimate ventilation, comfort and reliability.

Upgraded Fixpoints

The GTX boasts ITW® hardware, steel d-rings and an upgraded waist belt to match its demanding usage.



Professional riding photographers at prestigious events like the Dakar, Touareg, Bosnia, and Gibraltar Rallies prefer the BOBLBEE backpack for carrying their sensitive electronics. Panniers aren't suitable due to vibration, making a sturdy backpack essential.

For many professionals, the BOBLBEE stands out as the unparalleled choice.

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Reflective trim

The Boblbee GTX 25L is equipped with multiple high-end 3M reflective trim points. Additional 3M reflective branded stickers are provided with each backpacks.



The Boblbee backpack, designed for durability, offers a modular and easily repairable design, requiring only basic tools for assembly. Its interchangeable parts ensure extended lifespan through maintenance and updates.

Furthermore, you can update its look with new shells, adapting to the seasons.